Are you ready to meet your TCFD  
regulatory obligations? 

Essential training on the Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) aimed at boards, trustees and pension provider executives.

Our digital training is delivered in short modules for busy executives to watch in their own time.

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Why choose us to train your team? has partnered with Dean Wetton Advisory (DWA) to bring you best-in-class online TCFD training. DWA is trusted, proven and valued by it's large clients and has an impeccable reputation in the investment community. We will always partner with best-in-class businesses.  

  • DWA are regulatory EXPERTS  who are experienced in the TCFD and associated regulatory requirements.
  • They have trained large institutional clients and written TCFD reports.
  • and DWA have done the hard  work to SAVE YOU HOURS of research.
  • Our courses are 60 minutes for BUSY EXECUTIVES to watch in your own time. 
  •  Our approach is to share DWA's PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE  and best practice case studies.    
  • We have included access to a live Q&A WEBINAR  with every online course bought.  

Key Outcomes - We focus on your needs

By completing our TCFD course you will achieve the following outcomes :


An understanding of where your organisation fits into the complex regulatory landscape of the DWP, FCA and BEIS as well as an understanding of their disclosure deadlines.  


A draft set of climate beliefs to inform your business & investment strategy and net zero targets.


An elevated understanding of the core elements of TCFD recommendations and disclosures, supported by practical examples and relevant case studies.

 A clear roadmap with actions for you to meet regulatory requirements, deadlines and provide appropriate disclosures.

Our Training Feedback 

“I think it can be very useful for Trustee Boards, easy to follow and time convenient with links for deeper study where and as required.”

                                                                                  Barry Parr – Professional Trustee     

"Very informative and just re-iterates the importance and size of the task."
                                                                                                  Pension Fund Trustee                  

Our Trainers - Dean Wetton Advisory

Our partner Dean Wetton Advisory (DWA) is a well known investment consultancy in the UK who has an experienced team that understand risk and has a proven ability to build governance capacity. DWA provide board level governance training and TCFD consulting to their institutional clients and have compiled numerous TCFD Reports. We believe DWA are the perfect partner for to collaborate with on our online training courses.

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Our Training Course

Get an understanding of the TCFD disclosure requirements and your reporting obligations in 60 minutes/11 modules.

Regulations require TCFD action from boards, trustees and pension provider executives in the UK.
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£190 for 1 learner
£590 for up to 5 learners bundle

Our trainers have trained boards,  pension fund trustees and management executives on their TCFD obligations.

They have written TCFD reports.

Let them help you get started
on your TCFD journey.

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